HIV Legal Aid. Региональная сеть правовой помощи людям с ВИЧ

Moldovan Institute for Human Rights (IDOM)

Страна: Moldova


95A, Mitropolit Dosoftei Str., Chişinău, Moldova, MD-2004

Contacts  (phone, skype): Tel./Fax (+373 22) 838 408, (+373 22) 838 409, (+373 22) 244 911

Website:; page on

Services the organization provides:

The organization is currently composed of a group of lawyers and advocates, specialists in human rights engaged in the following areas of activity: 

× human rights and health: the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, the rights of people with mental disabilities, patient’s rights, reproductive rights. The latter also includes a case litigated by IDOM at the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) that covers reproductive rights through gender issues;

× rights of people with mental disabilities;

× social, economical and cultural rights: children’s rights, gender equality, reproductive rights.

× right to freedom from torture, or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Target group the organization works with:

eople (adults and children) living with HIV/AIDS in Moldova, social workers of specialized NGOs working in the field of HIV/AIDS, medical staff/health, care workers, health and social protection specialists, lawyers, as well as the society at large; persons with disabilities and their families; injecting drug users and their family members; persons detained in pretrial detention places (police stations, detention preventive isolators), staff of the pretrial detention places, local and central authorities (Ministry of Interiors, LPAs, MJ, Prosecutor’s Offices, local public administrations, etc.), lawyers/advocates, newly formed commissions for monitoring the places of detention and new members of old commissions;

If the organization provides, through its activities, legal aid, what kind of and how fully (consultations, representation in government bodies, national courts, the European Court, etc.):

The lawyers of the Litigation Program, which exists within the project “Reducing HIV-related burden in the Republic of Moldova” identify the violations referring to the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Moldova through offering them free legal routine consultancies and later ensuring policy/strategic litigation for selected cases of discrimination, interference in person’s private life and family with regard to people living with HIV/AIDS. The beneficiaries of legal consultancy receive verbal and written advice provided by the lawyers. The lawyers defend the rights of beneficiaries both in national and international courts.

Does the organization have a system of detecting a violation of rights of PLHIV, including the registration of such cases within more extensive monitoring, recording facts? The system of detecting works all the time or situationally?

All the consulted cases are registered and reported by the lawyers. The lawyers gather periodically in meetings of the Lawyers’ Council within the Litigation Program and discuss the cases of the persons to whom legal consultancies were provided and decide the selection of the strategic cases and their strategies.

During the consultancies, all the beneficiaries fill out an application form. All these forms are registered with a number, and the legal consultancies offered are also registered in a special document filled out by the lawyers who provide consultancies.

Does the organization have experts who can act as consultants and trainers on issues related to violations of the rights of people living with HIV (legal, medical, social, etc.)? If yes, please, specify such issues.

The organization has experts, consultants and trainers composed of professional lawyers, advocates, doctors and other specialists engaged in defending the rights of people living with HIV on legal, medical, social, administrative issues.

Additional information which you would like to specify:

The members of IDOM have contributed to writing reports on various human rights violations, followed by the analysis of the situation, analysis of cases, comparative analysis of national and international human rights legislation, recommendations for improving the situation addressed to authorities, such as: Alternative Reports to UN Committees (UN Committee on Social, Civil and Political Rights, UN Committee for elimination of all forms of discrimination, UNO Committee on Torture, etc.), Report for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the UN Human Rights Council, EU-Moldova Human Rights Dialog, Periodic Reports addressed to the agencies of the Council of Europe, reports addressed to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (Human Dimension, Security Council), U.S. Department of State, etc.

In December 2009 IDOM received the highest award diploma (I-st place) for initiatives in the human rights field issued by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and UNDP (Moldova).

Also, the Moldovan Institute for Human Rights has been nominated at the category of Organization that has made the greatest contribution to achieving health rights among women in the context of HIV and has received a Diploma during the ceremony „Red Ribbon Award" organized on November 30, 2010 which took place with the occasion of World AIDS Day, marked annually on December 1st.

In 2011 one IDOM representative received also during the ceremony „Red Ribbon Award" a Diploma of Merit awarded for exceptional involvement and honours in the national response to HIV/AIDS during 2011.  

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