HIV Legal Aid. Региональная сеть правовой помощи людям с ВИЧ

New Generation

Страна: Armenia


0001, Yerevan City, 49 Bahramiana Street, apart. 49

Contacts (tel., Skype):

Tel: +374 60 478989

Skype: sergey o.gabrielian


  • Consultations and drawing up legal documents;
  • Social assistance;
  • Voluntary advising and testing for HIV and other STIs;
  • Visits to the closed spaces for monitoring (prisons, hospitals, etc.).

The group of people with whom the organization works:

  • Men who have sex with men;
  • LGBT community in Armenia;
  • Commercial sex workers;
  • Injecting drug users;
  • People living with HIV;
  • Youth;
  • Migrants and repatriates.

Legal assistance:

  • Consultation and drawing up legal documents;
  • Recommendations regarding the human rights violation in the closed institutions.

The system of detection of violation of the PLH rights:

The detection is conducted from time to time; there is a hotline operating; the organization cooperates with other organizations in the field and with the Ombudsman office.

There are the experts of the organization on:

  • Legal issues;
  • Medical issues;
  • Social issues.
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