HIV Legal Aid. Региональная сеть правовой помощи людям с ВИЧ

Belarusian Public Association “Positive Movement”

Страна: Belarus


The Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 4 Gusovskogo Street, Office 804

Contacts (tel., Skype):

+375-17-286-16-53, +375-17-207-31-20

Page in social networks:Позитивное-движение/104228686313642

The organization provides the following services:

  • Harm reduction programs from injecting drug use (needle exchange, advising and testing, etc.);
  • Social support for people living with HIV and drug addicts;
  • Mutual aid groups for people living with HIV and drug addicts;
  • Creative workshops for families affected by HIV and drug addiction;
  • Rooms of integrated service delivery for people living with HIV;
  • Placement of photo exhibitions directed against stigma and discrimination against the people living with HIV;
  • Helpline on HIV and addiction;
  • Advising of the people affected by HIV and those affected by drug addiction;
  • Training of the specialists of HIV-service organizations and medical staff who work with HIV-positive people and drug users;
  • Administering of the projects.

The group of people with whom the organization works:

  • People living with HIV and their families;
  • Injecting drug users and their families;
  • Experts in the field of HIV-AIDS and addiction (doctors, psychologists, lawyers, NGO representatives);

The organization employs physicians, psychologists, peer counselors who can provide advice on health and social issues. In addition, the BPA "Positive Movement" cooperates with lawyers and attracts them to deal with legal issues.

The Belarusian Public Association “Positive Movement” is a unique organization in Belarus. This is the first organization in our country which began to speak openly about the fact that there both HIV-positive and HIV-negative people in the team who work side by side to on the nearby computers. This is the first organization which started the cultural projects against discrimination against people living with HIV. The drug addicts are involved in the organization for the prevention of HIV-infection among injecting drug users. Currently, the gender approach for the prevention of HIV infection among drug addicts is implemented in the organization. It is also should be noted that we manage to competently cooperate at all levels. The staff members are respectful and they are looking for the ways to cooperate with their clients, partners from the third sector, as well as representatives of the fields of medicine and education, government officials, and foreign and international organizations.

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