HIV Legal Aid. Региональная сеть правовой помощи людям с ВИЧ

Republican Public Association “Belarusian Community of People Living with HIV”

Страна: Belarus


220056, Minsk, 15 Starinovskaia Street, Office 3. There are also action teams in the cities of Rechitsia, Mozyr, Zhlobin, Svietlogorsk, Bobruisk, Gomel, and Vitebsk

Tel./fax: +375 2342 379 54
Mobile tel.: +375 2934 361 50

Our mission:

Implementation of civil, social and cultural rights of the people living with HIV and their families.

The main strategic goals of the organization:

  • Improving of the quality of life of the people living with HIV;
  • Formation of an adequate public attitude towards the people living with HIV.


  • Peer counseling and adherence to treatment;
  • Psychological and legal support for people living with HIV and their families;
  • Redirection to other organizations for assistance;
  • Social support to the people living with HIV;
  • Educational activities on the issues of living with HIV, ARV treatment and adherence to it;
  • Interaction with governmental organizations and partners in the field of HIV services.

The group of people with whom the organization works:

  • People living with HIV;
  • Families of the people living with HIV/AIDS (including discordant couples, sexual partners of PLH, and children);
  • Other risk groups in the context of HIV/AIDS epidemic;
  • The public concerned.

The organization provides counseling, representation of the interests in government and non-government authorities.

The work within the project:

+375 29 685 0 911; working time from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the weekdays/ from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekend.

The main performing organization: Republican Public Association “Belarusian Society of the PLH” in the partnership with the International Public Association “Social Assistance”, Charitable NGO “Alternative”, and the Republican Public Association “Prison Health”.

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