HIV Legal Aid. Региональная сеть правовой помощи людям с ВИЧ

Legal Clinic Comrat

Страна: Moldova

Republic of Moldova, ATU Gagauziia, city of Comrat, 46 Pobeda Street, Office 50


+37329829480, ,

The organization provides the following services:

Legal services (free legal advice, explaining the law, drafting legal documents and representation before the courts and state authorities); educational services (training sessions, seminars, round tables); monitoring and reporting on the respect for human rights.

The group of people with whom the organization works:

Socially vulnerable group of people (unemployed, PLH, people with disabilities, pensioners, single mothers), youth, women victims of domestic violence.

The organization provides legal assistance:

Consultations, representation before the state authorities, national courts, and the European Court of Human Rights (assistance in collection of documents and drafting complaints).

Дело, которое пугает вас больше всего, нужно сделать в первую очередь
Робин С. Шарма


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