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“Rule of Law for Diversity and Equality – 2″ project in Armenia


During the period of democracy development and civil society formation in the world the situation of LGBT movement and fight for equal rights have always been one of the most important issues almost in all countries of the world. The idea of equal rights for everyone and promotion of diversity face difficulties and intolerance in most of the societies of the world. To a great extend there is a stereotypical understanding of LGBT people, which is to deal with the social and sexual behaviour and HIV status as a result of which many in the society find the solution in isolating the latter.
Since April 01, 2014 the “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO has been implementing the “Rule of Law for Diversity and Equality – 2″ project financed by the Armenian Branch of Counterpart International.
The goal:
To support the law enforcement processes in Armenia regarding LGBT rights protection.
-  Research of local legislation and comparative analysis in the frame of international agreements and conventions signed by the Armenian authorities
- Development of a concept where the legislative gaps and recommendations for amendment will be presented
- Monitoring of on-line hate speech cases/instances and production of a report

See more at:ծրագրի-մասին-2/?lang=en


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