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Statistics of HIV/AIDS cases in the Republic of Armenia


From 1988 to 30 April 2014 1730 HIV cases had been registered in the country among the citizens of the Republic of Armenia with 238 new cases of HIV infection registered during 2013, which exceeds the number of HIV cases registered annually in the previous years.

Males constitute a major part in the total number of HIV cases - 1206 cases (70%), females make up 524 cases (30%). 1730 reported cases include 36 cases of HIV infection among children (2%).

54% of the HIV-infected individuals belong to the age group of 25-39 at the moment of the HIV diagnosis receipt.

In the Republic of Armenia the main modes of HIV transmission are through heterosexual practices (61%) and injecting drug use (30%). Additionally, there are also registered cases through homosexual practices, as well as mother-to-child HIV transmission and transmission through blood.

Allocation of HIV cases registered in the Republic of Armenia is as follows:
Transmission through heterosexual practices61.0%
Transmission through injecting drug usage30.0%
Transmission through homosexual practices2.3%
Mother-to-child transmission1.9%
Transmission through blood0.2%Unknown4.6%
AIDS diagnosis was made to 897 patients with HIV, of whom 234 are women and 20 are children. 143 of all the AIDS cases have been registered during 2013. From the beginning of the epidemic 369 death cases have been registered among HIV/AIDS patients (including 65 women and 7 children).
Almost all the individuals infected via injecting drug use were men and almost all the women (98%) were infected through sexual contacts.

The maximum number of HIV cases was reported in Yerevan, the capital: 614 cases, which constitute 35.5% of all the registered cases. Shirak Marz follows next - 194 cases, which constitute 11.2% of all the registered cases. The estimation of HIV registered cases per 100 000 population shows the highest rate in Shirak marz – 77.2, followed by Lori marz, Yerevan, Armavir marz with the rates of 71.2, 57.6 and 56.5 respectively.

The HIV/AIDS situation assessment shows that the estimated number of people living with HIV in the country is about 3700.


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