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Conference "The potential of non-profit non-governmental organizations in providing free legal aid to vulnerable groups"


On 26 September St. Petersburg NGO "Civil Control" and NEEAPE "Saint-Petersburg Prince P.G. Oldenburg Institute of Law” will hold a conference "The potential of non-profit non-governmental organizations in providing free legal assistance to vulnerable groups”. The conference will be held on 26 September from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the address: 87 Ligovsky Ave., of. 300, St. Petersburg.
The conference includes the discussion of:
- current legislation regulating the provision of free legal assistance and available legislative initiatives;
- practices of interaction between different providers of legal services;
- formal and informal standards of legal assistance;
- practices of combining public control and legal support;
- practices of comprehensive social and legal assistance involving both lawyers and representatives of other supporting professions;
- experience of NGOs in the field of legal information and legal education;
- research-based recommendations on organization of legal aid programs, including the protection of personal data of customers and so on.

Contact phone: (812) 380 60 30 Irina Evseevna Gurvich

Applications for participation in the conference are accepted until September 22, 2014


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