HIV Legal Aid. Региональная сеть правовой помощи людям с ВИЧ

Human Rights Embassy

Страна: Moldova


Str. Sfatul Tarii №17, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2012


Tel/fax: +373 22 920 700;
GSM: +373 697 19 808;


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The organization provides the following services:
• Training in the field of human rights for representatives of professional groups (including e-learning);
• Raising awareness of the general public on human rights issues;
• Advising/primary legal assistance to victims of human rights violations;
• Advising state agencies on human rights issues, proposals/law drafts/reforms;
• Advocacy processes, support for lawyers and human rights protectors at the national and international level;
• Strategic litigation, representation in national courts, and international judicial and quasi-judicial bodies;
• Communication with the Committee of Ministers on the implementation of decisions of the ECHR, etc.

The organization works with the following groups:

  •  all persons (natural or legal), whose rights have been violated or restricted. 

When conducting strategic litigation the target group includes vulnerable groups of population - people living with HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis, people requiring palliative care, ethnic minorities, LGBT, women, single mothers, migrants, the unemployed, people with intellectual disabilities or mental problems, drug users and others.

Legal aid:

  • consultations
  • writing/drafting various appeals/applications to the relevant state authorities
  • preparation of complaints to national courts
  • representation in national courts
  • representation in international judicial and quasi-judicial bodies 
  • pre-trial consultations for practicing lawyers/attorneys

In the framework of the project "Bringing Human Rights to Patients and Health Care Providers" free advice/primary legal aid is provided to victims of human rights violations in the health care system in Moldova (both patients and health care workers).
Training in the field of human rights is carried out for professional groups – advocates, lawyers of human rights NGOs, university professors, police officers, prosecutors, judges and journalists.


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