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Law draft on the imposition of criminal responsibility for the use of drugs (Russian Federation)


Law draft No. 616632-6 "On amendments to certain legislative acts for improvement of the provision of drug treatment services, supervision of persons repeatedly convicted of the use of drugs and psychotropic substances, as well as increasing responsibility for the use of drugs or psychotropic substances without a prescription" has been introduced to the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
This draft provides for the amendment to Article 228.5 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation with a separate paragraph providing for punishment for the use of drugs and psychotropic substances without a prescription – from four to six months of imprisonment.
Persons who consent to treatment in rehabilitation centers are exempt from punishment. However, the violation of the order of treatment in a rehabilitation center entails imprisonment for the term from four to six months.
The draft also provides for courts decision on mandatory treatment (or) social rehabilitation of drug addicts along with the primary punishment in the form of fine, deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities, compulsory work, correctional work or restriction of liberty. At the same time, although such treatment is obligatory, the draft reads that it is carried out with the informed and voluntary consent of the person to medical intervention.


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