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Ukraine has adopted a program of counteraction to HIV/AIDS for 2014-2018


On 20 October 2014 the Supreme Council of Ukraine adopted the Law "On Adoption of the National Targeted Social Program of Counteraction to HIV/AIDS in 2014-2018." The objective of the Program is to reduce morbidity and mortality from HIV/AIDS, providing the high-quality and affordable services for the prevention and diagnosis of HIV infection, treatment, medical care, care and support for people living with HIV.

Approximate funding under the program is 6,380,148.42 thousand hryvnas, including 4,820,060.21 thousand hryvnas from the state budget; 331,377.58 thousand hryvnas from local budgets; 1,224,342.84 thousand hryvnas from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; and 4367.79 thousand hryvnas from other sources.

Expected results of the Program:

1. Design, production and distribution of social advertisement and educational programs to promote healthy lifestyles among the population.

2. Education of pupils and students in educational institutions of all forms of ownership on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, and the promotion of healthy lifestyle based on life skills.

3. Involving to HIV prevention programs the representatives of the increased risk groups and their partners, as well as prisoners, children of families in difficult circumstances, homeless and neglected children, as well as children who do not receive the necessary parental care.

4. Ensuring access of pregnant women to counseling and testing for HIV, and prevention of passing HIV from mother to child.

5. Ensuring free access to free counseling and testing for HIV.

6. Provision of laboratory follow-up of HIV treatment, formation of positive attitude to antiretroviral therapy for HIV-positive people.

7. Access to continuous antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected persons needing it.

8. Providing care and support services for HIV-infected people.

The draft law is registered under No. 4384a, Ukrainian text is here.


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