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Conclusive Regional Dialogue on HIV, Rights and Universal Access in Eastern Europe


Conclusive Regional Dialogue on HIV, Rights and Universal Access in Eastern Europe will take place in Tbilisi, on 29-30 October 2014. It aims to ensure that people living with HIV and key populations most at risk of HIV infection in the countries of the regional project have improved access to prevention, treatment care and support and non-state actors involved in the project are pro-actively contributing to this improvement, and that the achievements of the regional project are preserved and disseminated and multiplied.

The national delegations of seven countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine) will take a part in the meeting. There are planning to be representatives of PLHIV community, representatives of key populations most at risk of HIV infection; civil society organizations: project associate representatives and representatives of non-state actor affiliates; decision-makers (representatives of parliaments, ministries of health, HIV authorities, law enforcement, ombudspersons and anti-discrimination commissions and/or others); members of the Joint UN Team on AIDS and representatives of the European Union.

The underlying objectives of the Regional Dialoge are to:
- Assess the levels of implementation of the action plans developed at national dialogues in Moldova and Ukraine; identify priorities that have been addressed, gaps in delivery and next steps for bridging these gaps (related to overall project goal);
- Assess the capacity enhancements and competence development of non-state actors engaged in the project, their current contributions to universal access in the region and their plans for the future, including the opportunities to further disseminate acquired knowledge and skills;
-Assess the level of integration of entities created under this project such as the Regional HIV Legal Network into service delivery by non-state actors in the region and identify opportunities to further enhance this integration;
- Identify bottlenecks and obstacles for universal access that have not been overcome, or that are newly emerged and develop strategies and tactics for addressing them in the future;
- Discuss the vision about the future of international work in HIV in the context of the post-2015 discourse;
- Agree on follow-up activities to address the priority issues identified during the Dialogue.

Expected outcomes:

- to produce an evaluation of and an agreement on the main regional project outcomes and achievements.

- to lead to action plans with gaps that are to be addressed with country-specific subsections that identify action points agreed upon by government and civil society with deadline for delivery and responsible actors. The action plans are also expected to outline opportunities for cooperation between the project countries and regional cooperation with other EECA countries.

- to look into synergies of the priorities in the EECA countries and the ones in the EU HIV Action Plan and establish opportunities for cross-regional cooperation.

More detailed information about the consept note, agenda and particiants is on the site of the Regional Dialoge



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