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The institution of President’s Commissioner for the Rights of Disabled People was introduced in Ukraine


The institution of the President's Commissioner for the Rights of Disabled People has been introduced by the Decree of President of Ukraine number 902/2014 of 1 December 2014. Among the priorities of the Commissioner there are the implementation of international standards for the integration of people with disabilities in society, fostering respect for their identity. The Commissioner is charged with the implementation of the constitutional authority to ensure the rights and legitimate interests of people with disabilities. In particular, he will focus on the provision of appropriate conditions for the exercise of civil, social, economic and cultural rights and legitimate interests of people with disabilities.
The main tasks of the Commissioner, among others, are the following:
- participation in the examination of laws;
- attendance of the state authorities, local government bodies, rehabilitation of the disabled people, children with disabilities agencies, geriatric boarding houses, homes for the elderly and disabled, schools, health institutions, military hospitals, psychiatric and other institutions for people with disabilities;
- appeal to the executive authorities, local government bodies on facts of violations of the law, as well as other issues related to the competence of the Commissioner.
Ukrainian President has appointed Valeriy Sushkevych, President of the National Sports Committee for the Disabled of Ukraine (National Paralympics Committee of Ukraine) and the Head of the Nationwide Civic Socio-Political Association "National Assembly of Disabled People of Ukraine". President of the National Paralympics Committee of Ukraine, and Head of the National Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine, who has been solving the problems of disabled persons for many years, as President's Commissioner for the Rights of Disabled People.


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