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UNDP published a Handbook “Know Your Rights, Use Your Laws”


 UNDP prepared the Handbook “Know Your Rights, Use Your Laws” for people who live with or are at risk of HIV, their close ones, and providers of services.  This is not a book for lawyers, it is written for ordinary people who encounter violation of rights in their everyday lives and often do not know what to do and whom call for help. It is easy for reading and easy for using. The definition and importance of the strategic litigation are given and, the ways of cooperation between non-governmental organizations and officials for solving the problem are described in this document. The actions for protection of rights of representatives of vulnerable groups are written step-by-step, with pointing up of mechanisms that exist in the region, and  tools  of communication with officials inter  alia. All examples are taken from practice of activists of  Eastern  Europe and  Central Asia region.  There are examples of documents in the Handbook, that can be used by readers in their practice.  

The Handbook was authored by experts in human rights and HIV. They are  Mikhail Golichenko,  an advocate (legal counsel), registered with the Moscow Bar Association,  a lawyer of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network; Sandra Ka Hon Chu, a Co-director of the Research; Boyan Konstantinov, the Legal Specialist in the HIV, Health and Development Team at the UNDP Regional Hub in Istanbul; Timur Abdullaev, an International Consultant on HIV, Rights and Universal Access with the HIV, Health and Development Team at the UNDP Regional Service Center in Istanbul. Members of the Regional HIV Legal Network also contributed to it. The Handbook was reviewed by representatives of communities of key populations affected by HIV to ensure that the issues discussed are indeed relevant and that the language and content are understandable and helpful.

According to one of the Handbook reviewers, Larisa Solovyova, leader of the Initiative “Stanovlenie” (“Becoming”) from Kaliningrad, “Everything in this Handbook comes from real life situations; it is thought over, tested and tried, step by step. This Handbook describes the actions that can help every person to believe in her/himself and defend her/his rights and help others when they get in trouble; it encourages people to overcome indifference and to attract the attention of the authorities, to find a way out and, quite possibly, to save someone from death.”


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