HIV Legal Aid. Региональная сеть правовой помощи людям с ВИЧ

Public organization “SPIN Plus”

Страна: Tajikistan

Dushanbe, Behzod 70, 734013




  • rocial support of people who use drugs, people living with HIV;
  • referral and delivery to the medical service-providers;
  • HIV consultations related to HIV;
  • legal consultations.

The group of people with whom the organization works:

  • narcotic drug users (mainly heroin) by injection (LUIN);
  • people living with HIV (PLHIV).
  • people living with hepatitis C;
  • prisoners and released from prisons (mainly from among PLWH and LUIN).

Legal assistance:

  •  consultations;
  •  representation before the governmental authorities, mainly in questions of treatment methods or access to different health services;
  •  representation of the applicants in national courts.

There are the experts of the organization on:

Consultants and coaches in the field of the rights PLWH, drug users on the following issues:

  • Legal issues;   
  • Medical issues;
  • Social issues;


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